Our Mission

  • It is our desire to bring joy and lift the spirit of the needy, by providing them new clothing.  It is our belief that the less fortunate deserve something new.  "Grace changes everything". 


Our Vision

  • Our vision is a world where regardless of socioeconomic status, crisis or time of need, everyone will be clothed with dignity. 


Our Purpose

  • The main purpose of Giving Garments of Grace is to give new clothes to under privilege individuals of all ages.  Through donations and contributions we can offer new clothing to those within our local community.  We feel that when you put on something new it makes you feel that you matter, have value, feel worthy, and that someone cares.  We want to help improve the lives of the less fortunate and fight against the effects of property.


Company History

  •  This company was started in loving memory of my father The Honorable Donald L. McCullin Sr.  He believed that you should offer your clothes to organizations that give them away to the needy, as appose to selling them.  He knew that regardless of your financial status being dressed in nice clothing was still of importance.